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It is a manufacture factory that specialized in producing PC film, PC diffusion film, PC reflective film ,PC solid sheet, high glossy PETG film and PETG sheets , high glossy PETG film and PS diffusion sheet. JIMEI has five advanced sets of extrusion machine, using PC/PETG raw material BAYER from Germany, GE from USA, EASTMAN from USA, TEIJIN from Japan, SK from Korea, LG from Korea.


Product Knowledge

How to improve the water resistance and weather resistance of wood-plastic substrates?

To improve the water resistance and weather resistance of wood-plastic base board, the following measures can be taken:
Use high-quality raw materials: Choose high-quality wood-plastic composite materials as substrate materials to ensure they have good water resistance and UV resistance. High-quality ingredients are generally better able to withstand moisture and UV rays.
Surface treatment: Apply waterproof, sunscreen and other coatings or films on the surface of the wood-plastic substrate to increase its water resistance and weather resistance. Common surface treatment methods include coating with protective layers such as polyurethane and polyethylene to improve the surface sealing and waterproof performance of the substrate.
Add waterproofing agent: In the process of manufacturing wood-plastic substrate, add waterproofing agent or waterproofing additive to improve the water resistance and moisture-proof performance of the substrate. These additives enhance the molecular structure of the substrate, reduce moisture penetration, and improve water resistance.
Strengthen process control: During the production process, parameters such as temperature, humidity, and pressure are strictly controlled to ensure the structural stability and uniformity of the substrate. Optimizing the process can improve the water resistance and weather resistance of the substrate.
Increase waterproof design: Consider the waterproof performance of wood-plastic substrates during the design stage, and take effective waterproof design measures, such as strengthening joint sealing and designing drainage systems, to reduce moisture intrusion and accumulation.
Regular maintenance: Clean, service and maintain the wood-plastic substrate regularly, repair and replace damaged parts in a timely manner, extend the service life of the substrate and maintain its good water resistance and weather resistance.


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