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It is a manufacture factory that specialized in producing PC film, PC diffusion film, PC reflective film ,PC solid sheet, high glossy PETG film and PETG sheets , high glossy PETG film and PS diffusion sheet. JIMEI has five advanced sets of extrusion machine, using PC/PETG raw material BAYER from Germany, GE from USA, EASTMAN from USA, TEIJIN from Japan, SK from Korea, LG from Korea.


Product Knowledge

How to prevent wood plastic flooring from deforming or cracking?

To prevent deformation or cracking of wood-plastic flooring, you need to pay attention to the following aspects:
Preparation before installation: Make sure the ground is flat, dry, clean, and meets the installation requirements. If the ground is uneven or damp, it needs to be repaired and treated in advance.
Choose the appropriate installation method: According to the type and thickness of the wood plastic floor, choose the appropriate installation method, such as dry laying, pasting, locking, etc. Make sure there are enough expansion joints between the floors during installation to allow the floors to expand and contract freely.
Control the indoor environment: Keep indoor humidity and temperature stable and avoid extremely dry or humid conditions. Use a humidifier or dehumidifier to adjust indoor humidity to a suitable range (usually 40% to 60%).
Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight: Prolonged exposure of wood-plastic flooring to sunlight can cause excessive temperatures, causing the floor to deform or crack. Direct sunlight can be reduced by using shades or curtains.
Regular maintenance and cleaning: Use professional floor cleaning tools and detergents to clean the wood plastic floor regularly, and keep the floor surface dry. Avoid using too much moisture to clean the floor, which can cause it to warp or swell.
Avoid impacts and scratches: Avoid slamming heavy objects onto the floor surface, and use items such as floor protectors or furniture mats to reduce scratches and wear on the floor surface.
Regular inspection and maintenance: Regularly check the condition of the wood-plastic floor, and promptly discover and deal with any possible problems, such as floor damage, deformation, etc., to prevent the problem from worsening.


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